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With the Price-Veille solution put in place since 2002, Net-Veille Systems is accessible in Europe and Asia and dedicated for players (Retailers & Manufacturers) in the e-Commerce, in all areas of their activity (Durable goods, DIY, Travel, Food, Tires, Auto Parts, Toys, …)

Price-Veille collects (crawls), structures (matching) and outputs (interface, feed, graphs, synthesis,…) the information fully computerized for its BtoB clients.

This blog is destined to inform all players in this highly competitive market, by publishing elements from our daily context and mostly extracts from our databases. With our expertise, Net-Veille Systems highlights quantified factors such as Alerts, price variations and product assortments, price comparisons in near real time, synthesis of products visibility in different markets and product price trends.

Price-Veille UK

Here is a little preview of one of the features our tool offers to Retailers and Brands:

A complete vision of product assortments in each retailers websites. The Comparison”  analysis shows all the brands, products and it’s prices collected by the robot. By clicking on the price a hyperlink directs you in real-time to the website offering the product.

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