5 examples of multi-countries analysis on the e-commerce

Net-Veille Systems allows to compare products presence and price on websites acting in different countries. Compare data on websites from distinct markets, but belonging to the same group can be particularly interesting.

Example 1: Net-Veille allows to compare prices from particular articles on websites belonging to several groups and countries.



Example 2: It also allows to compare the brand segmentation among those websites.


Example 3: Price segmentation (quartiles) comparison between Carrefour France and Spain. We can notice Spain is clearly higher handed than France. 40% of the offer is in Quartile 4.


Example 4: Same analysis for two websites from Pixmania. Again, France is lower handed than other countries. 50% of TVs offered by France are more expensive than 499 €. In Belgium it’s 56%. In Spain 60%


Example 5: Same analysis for 2 websites from the Darty Group. Clearer example than France is much lower handed than other countries (in that case, Belgium).


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