Apple Watch against the World


With the announcement of a new “Gadgets” every year or two, Smartwatches are now at the top of everyone’s debate whether it is something to “have” or not.

We have seen the launch of numerous Smartwatches from different manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, LG and many others.

Apple has also joined the bandwagon and aims to set the standard with their debut launch of the Apple Watch on April 24th in 3 Editions:

– Apple Watch
– Apple Watch Sport
– Apple Watch EditionSmartwatch collection

The 3 products are intended to penetrate the market with an aggressive pricinng strategy. Models starting from €399 to €449 for the Apple Watch Sport, €649 to €1249 for the Apple Watch and a whopping  €11000 to €18000 for the Apple Watch Edition.

With Price-Veille, be sure to find out how the introduction of the Apple Watch will compete in this new market and how each Retailers will compete to set their prices.

Net-Veille Systems tools allows you to have an overview and how other brands & retailers compete within the “Smartwatch market”. This can be viewed on the screen capture below:

Price-Veille - Smartwatch

Last but not least, here is a little guided video published by Apple showcasing the functionalities of their Apple Watch:

Will “Price” have an impact on their most loyal customers? How will Retailers & Manufacturers compete with the introduction of these 3 products?  Find out more with Net-Veille Systems

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