5 reasons to use a B2B web monitoring service in Asia

E-commerce in Asia has the biggest growth rate in the world. You can’t keep on using B2C comparators or manual monitoring. Here’s 5 reasons why.

1 – B2B services are permanently updated, at least once a day and up to every hour. On the contrary, many comparators are updated only few times per week. Many times, the price they display is not the very current one.

Samsung Galaxy Beam i8530 8GB Black- Before Price change

 Samsung Galaxy Beam i8530 8GB Black - After Price change

2 –
Web crawlers are fully independent. They go directly to the source and scrape the information published on the website. On the contrary, comparison sites usually receive data provided (and often filtered) by the vendor. Disturbing facts are often hidden.

3 – Direct scraping by the B2B service allows on site price comparison. You can know the price of one article on other vendors’ websites, while surfing in a reference vendor website (for example your own website). Price comparison sites can never do that.

4 – 
B2B services can display interesting consolidated analyses. Public price comparison sites can’t.

5 – Your B2B provider can integrate your internal data and provide you with files you can integrate in your IT system, to feed your internal reporting tools or your automatic pricing system.

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