The Battle of Smartphones

Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge

You never stop hearing existing Manufacturers introducing a new line up in their “Mobile Phones category” in order to compete with the competition or Startups wanting to penetrate and dominate this booming market.

However, as we are all aware, the constant battle in the Smartphone market lies in between Samsung & Apple. In 2014, it was reported that the Korean giant has come out with 56 different smartphones and is said to cut this by 30% in 2015 as it’s to many.

Recently, Samsung has introduced 2 new products to their line-up for 2015 with the Launch of the Galaxy S6 & the S6 Edge.


Galaxy S6 Edge

With Price-Veille, be sure to find out how the introduction of these 2 Smartphones will compete in this new market and how each Retailers will compete to set their prices.

Let’s take a look at how these are distributed in a selection of retailers from Belgium.

As you can see, Price-Veille allows you to have a look at the Share of Voice for each brand and the amount of mobile phones that are sold through each Retailers. In this case, Samsung has a relatively high dominance of products sold compared to Apple.

Samsung Share of Voice

Let’s now focus on the entry level model Samsung has launched, the Galaxy S6 32 Gb Black (G 920 FZKA).

Below you will find the price evolution of this product from the 28/04/2015 up until the 13/05/2015.

We have selected 3 retailers, Collishop, Makroshop and Vanden Borre. It is interesting to see from this analysis 3 different strategies set out for the same product:

  • Collishop has decided to set a price tag of 699.00€
  • Makroshop with an aggressive price of 700.05€
  • Vanden Borre has decided to align himself with the minimum of 699€ from 699.99€

Evolution of Prices for the Galaxy S 6 32 Gb BlackMoreover Net-Veille Systems tools allows you to have an overview of how other retailers compete within the “Smartphone market” in any country, in this case, the introduction of the 2 new products distributed in Belgium.

This can be viewed on the screen capture below:

Samsung Smartphones Market(Circled in Orange – Galaxy S6 32 Gb Black)

Last but not least, here is a little video published by Samsung showcasing the productivity benefits of their Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge “Unbox your Office”:

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