Best offers for the Fathers Day Gift.


Fathers Day, Summer sales or any other seasonal promotional discount.  Any reason to lower prices and proceed with the battle of prices.

How can you follow? with the speed of e-commerce,  your competitiveness for all products at once?

Catalogue Page

With Net Veille system you can track at a glance in near Real time your promotional offer products / strategic products on the web.


Create your personalized product basket with your promotional products in Price-Veille and receive alerts and emails when prices have changed or when products have been added to the assortment of your competition.

With a maximum of 100 products you can even have an hourly update.

Follow in the price trend graphs and see who has initiated the price changes.

The Rasor that is on a promotional offer by one of the vendors below has a strange price evolution within BOL.

Lowest price found is at Euronics and the highest price is found at BOL.

Redcoon has started in this case with the lowest price, followed by Euronics who has now the lowest price.

Expert and BOL show the highest prices in this case.

These prices trends can daily be followed in our system.

Histotical Prices

This means all the different product groups with their products that are found on the internet  can be delivered to you in  1 tool or in 1 email.

All information is directly crawled on the vendor’s website. This is independent data and not delivered by the vendor himself like it is the case with price comparators.

This implies that with an hourly update you will see the actual prices as stated on the websites.

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