The Benefits of using a World Interface with Price-Veille


Need to analyse different markets simultaneously ? Interested in knowing exactly how retailers act in different countries? See how each and every product are sold through each channel?

If you are a manufacturer and want to keep track of your products that are sold across the internet or your competitor’s, Net-Veille has the answer to all your questions.

The “WORLD” interface gives the possibility to monitor a list of products/SKUs desired on a selection of websites asked.

Let’s take a look at the example below.

You have 2 options to choose from:

  1. Have all websites (from different countries) mixed together on one interface and select the category wanted.
  2. For a selected category have the availability of choosing the country of your selection.

Option 1 is more or less the standard selection that you can have on the interface:

World Samsung TVs Screenprint 1

As you can see from the screenshot above, we have selected the LCD TV category.

One of the benefits from a WORLD interface is that you can couple all websites desired into your perimeter from different countries. In this example we can see that we have 4 different countries.

At a glance, it is really interesting to see how the same retailers in different countries adjust their prices differently from each other.

Let’s take another example where here we are analysing  the same e-Retailer in different countries:

World eRetailers Interface Screeprint 2

You can see the pricing strategy set by the same retailers in their respective countries.

Let’s focus on one specific model, the Philips 40 PFH 5300 on 3 e-Retailers (Pixmania FR, ES & BE):

Philips 40 PFH 5300 Screenprint 3

More importantly, let’s look at the historical price evolution of this product:

Historical Price Evolution Screenprint 4

We have selected the date interval from the 22/09/2015 to 22/10/2015 and we can see the following:

  • starting at a relatively high price strategy at 349€ compared to others at 329€ ( & 319€ (
  • maintaining a fixed price strategy at a constant 329€
  • maintaining a constant 319€ and then reducing its pricing strategy to 309€
  • On the other hand reduced its price constantly over this period of time to a whopping 255.40€ for a day and has adjusted itself in between & at 319€

Let’s have a look at Option 2, where a Manufacturer for selected category has the availability of choosing the country of his selection.

Category by country Screenprint 5

The Manufacturer has 3 possibilities here:

  • Monitor all websites at once, like we have seen in the examples above
  • Select the country wanted and analyse the desired market in detail with analysis provided by Price-Veille
  • Jump right back and select another country and perform the same analysis shown above

Find out more with Net-Veille Systems and the advantages it provides both to Manufactuers and Retailers to keep a competitive edge.

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