Monitor Direct Competition through a Retailers’ website

Senseo Drip no1

Curious to analyse your market and direct competitors whilst navigating on your own website?

Net-Veille Systems has developed the perfect tool to do so. Jet-Price 360° allows you to perform on site price comparisons in real time.

Here a few characteristics to this tool:

Once the Jet-Price widget activated on your browser (available on Firefox & Chrome) navigate on the desired vendor website. The widget automatically detects product categories that belongs to the perimeter you are using in Price-Veille.

The screenshot below shows you the Jet-Price widget activated on the top right of the search bar. Here we are on the homepage of Vandenborre and you can see below that the tool automatically identifies the products (with the use of Bubbles on top of each products) that are also monitored on the perimeter of your selection.

Vandenborre Homepage

Now, let’s go back to using Price-Veille and use the Jet-Price from there:

Because “winter is coming” and coffee does the trick in the morning, lets focus on Coffee Machines. In this particular case, let’s take the Philips HD 7817 60 and click on any of the prices of your choice.

Price-Veille 2

Here you will see that we have clicked on the price displays (79.99€). This brings us straight onto the product page.

Philips HD781760 3

Now notice the Red bubble that appeared for this product on the top left. The Red colour indicates that this particular product is the most expensive.

When you hover over it, a new window opens which shows you in detail the positioning of this product in regards to the competition.

Jet Price 360 4

As mentioned, Eldi and Eurocenter are amongst the most expensive with a price tag of 79.99€ whereas the average price of this product is  at 70.97€.

It is also interesting to see that Collishop_Laeken charges this at 49.99€ which is the cheapest site that offers this in the perimeter selected in Price-Veille. The tool is also able to show you the cheapest of all sites that are not included in the perimeter of selection, with a price tag of 49.27€.

HD7817 Family

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