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More and more “connected objects” appear in the market. They can be devices as different as a watch, a TV set, or a refrigerator, but they all have in common to be connectable to internet, directly or through a portable device, like a Mobile Phone, a Tablet PC, or a Laptop Computer, so they can communicate with other products. Doing so, they take part to the Internet of Things (IoT).

In the larger consumer market, some of the most frequent connected objects are called wearables.  At first step, Fitness Trackers became permanently connected to Smartphones and exchanging pieces of information with them. While the Smartphone can display information collected in the Fitness Tracker, that one can transmit advises received from the Smartphone. Brands such as Fitbit, Misfit, Garmin, Jawbone, or Mio are quite specialised in that type of devices, and very present in the European market.

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Nevertheless, the star of the wearable connected objects is no doubt the Smart Watch. As their name indicate, those devices are not only connectable to the Smartphone; but are smart by themselves, as they integrate many elements you can normally find in phones: Operating System, Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi connection, small touch screens, GPS capabilities, possibility to load and use apps adding abilities to the basics, etc. Highest and Smart Watches are now directly connectable to the Internet. Samsung Galaxy Gear has been no doubt the first popular connected Watch.

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Apple responded with the very much expected Apple Watch.

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However, the policy of both brands is quite different. So far, Samsung smart watches are normally kept under 400€ in Europe, or the equivalent in other currencies.

Tableau watch Samsung

For Apple this price level corresponds to the Sport line, currently made of 6 models, available in 38 mm and 42 mm versions, in all countries. Apple prices in euro for the 38 mm is between € 399 in countries such as Germany and € 429 in countries such as Finland, passing through € 419 in most of countries. UK price is £ 299 (around € 382 only). For the 42 mm, prices in euro go from € 449 to € 479, passing through € 469. UK price is £ 339 (around € 433 only).

Those differences of price among countries (price in the UK around 10% less than in Finland, and around 8% less than in Spain or in Italy; some 7% difference between the highest and lowest price in Euro) can’t be completely explained by the change, neither by the VAT rate.

Watch image 4

On top of the sport line, Apple extends in all countries to what we could call the classic line, including total 20 articles (counting 38 mm and 42 mm versions). Price in euro goes from € 649 for the less expensive model in the less expensive country to € 1,269 in the other extremity. The policy of price among countries is similar to the sport line one.

Scale of prices among models shows that apparently small details make a huge price difference:

  • A watch with leather strap and “classic buckle” is around € 100 more expensive than the “sport band”.
  • A “modern buckle” instead of the classic one increases the price of a € 100.
  • Same watch with the link bracelet costs € 250 more.
  • The black release of the previous article is € 100 more than the steel coloured version.

The same watch is € 550 more expensive in black with a link bracelet, than steel coloured with a sport band. That’s nearly 85% more.

Both the Sport and the “classic” lines are sold in the e-commerce channel :

Tableau watch Apple

On top of those two relatively affordable ranges of products, Apple has made use of its prestigious brand to offer a line of products worthy of the high jewellery.

The 8 “Edition” exclusive models are made of 18-carat (yellow or rose) gold. UK price is between £ 8,000 and £ 13,500 (between € 11,000 and € 18,000 in the less expensive euro zone countries), depending of the size, the style of bracelet, and the type of buckle. All apparently small (gold) details that make a difference of £ 5,500 (€ 7,000 in continental Europe) between two releases of the same Watch!

Watch image 5

Last but not least, please find a short video describing the best smartwatch for iPhone and Android.

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