It’s Tea Time !

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Winter is over Spring is coming ! However don’t be fooled, Tea is consumed throughout all 4 seasons, daily or even hourly for serious Tea addicts. Whether it is for breakfast, during your break, after lunch, at tea time, after dinner or just before going to sleep, Tea will never get old for those who love it!

Let’s have a  look at one of Unilever’s bestselling brands and worldwide known for tea, Lipton. We will take their iconic and historical tea, the Yellow Label Tea 100G (8712100369476)  which is known to have a premium taste as well as a great way to start your day. Let’s analyse how this pack is distributed and priced throughout different online stores as well as the “Click & Collect” points from different grocery chains in France.

Image 1

Price positioning for the Lipton Yellow Label 100G through 13 different Click & Collect points + 1 online retailer:

Image 2

The price range for the 100G pack is priced between 1.83€ at AuchanDrive (59320 – Englos) and 2.73€ at Houra (75001 – Paris 1st).

With Monoprix as a reference site, it is pricing the Lipton Yellow Label at 2.73€ whereas AuchanDrive (59320 – Englos) is priced at 1.83€ which is a decrease of -23.11%.

Houra (75001 – Paris 1st) priced theirs at 2.73€, therefore an increase of +14.71% compared to Monoprix which is understandable as this is a store located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris.

Ooshop (75008 – Paris 8th) has priced their 100G pack at 2.19€ which is a -19.78% decrease compared to its competitor in the 1st or a decrease of -7.98% compared to the reference site, Monoprix.

Sticking again to areas of Paris, Simplymarket (75013 – Paris – Tolbiac) is selling the Yellow Label 100G at 1.99€ which is a decrease of -16.39% compared to Monoprix or difference of -27.11% compared to Houra (75001 – Paris 1st).

Going out into the suburbs of Paris at the AuchanDrive (78140 – Vélizy), the tea packet is priced at 2.39€, a difference of 0.42% compared to the reference site, Monoprix or -12.45% cheaper than Houra (75001 – Paris 1st).

Lastly, the Carrefour Drive (92140 – Clamart) is pricing the tea packet at 1.89€ , a difference of -20.59% compared to Monoprix and a -30.77% difference compared to its competitor in the centre of Paris, Houra (75001 – Paris 1st).

Let’s have a look at the Price Indices generated from our tool. These graphs illustrates the common products between the reference site and each sites monitored by us. The average price of the reference site (Monoprix) is taken as the base index 100.

Image 3

We can see that 33 products of Houra’s assortment that are in common with Monoprix has a higher index value at 106 (in green) meaning that they are priced higher compared to the other Click & Collect points. It is also interesting to see the other 2  Parisian locations top out each at an index value of 92 & 100 whereas the others are progressively lower. Price-Veille allows you to have an overview and how chains and manufacturers  compete within the “Food and Beverage industry”. This can be viewed on the screen capture below:

Image 4

Last but not least, please find a short video describing the natural essence of the Yellow Label from Lipton, the Worlds number 1 tea.


Be More Tea 😉 !

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