Nikon D7200 vs Canon 70D

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The new Nikon D7200 has hit the market last year. With the introduction of this, the same old question was asked. “Which is the best DSLR camera now? Canon or Nikon? Which of these brands flagships, D7200 or EOS 70D, should you prefer? Choosing between the two systems on offer here is quite tricky, as both of them represent excellent cameras for the enthusiast user.

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You can find a lot of specialists online that will tell you to prefer one over the other. Most of them would recommend to stick with the system you already know, especially if you already have lenses. If you are new to this, the choice is a little bit trickier and as we are not specialist of the subject, we will surely not give you advice regarding what you should do.

Image 2

But as specialist in price comparison, we can show you how these best sellers are sold on the Malaysian market, and where you can get the best deal as of today.

Let’s see how the Nikon D7200, body only, is sold.

Image 3

We can clearly see that 11Street is the most expensive for this product, and Value Basket the best deal.

Now let’s focus on the Canon EOS 70D.

Image 4

In this case, Lazada is by far the best offer.

Last but not least, a beautiful commercial of the Nikon D7100 shot in Asia.

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