Cool the Coke, the Euro is coming!

Cover Coca euro.jpg

The Euro 2016 is just a few days away, where France will hold this event and play its first opening match against Romania on the 10th of June.

Many retailers are preparing for this golden opportunity to offer the best deals allowing customers to experience the Euro in full comfort. With TV sales on the rise through different strategies set, as well as other electronic devices such as Tablets or monthly subscription services to sports channels cut by half, Food retailers are also on the path of promoting deals for its beverages.

Let’s look at Coca-Cola, who are one of the main sponsors for the Euro 2016  and  take their best seller the 1.5L bottle (5000112615647) and see how it is distributed and priced throughout different “Click & Collect” points from different grocery chains in France.coca 1.5L

Coca-Cola 1.5L

Price positioning for the Coca-Cola 1.5L through 13 different Click & Collect points:

tableau 1

Skimming through the comparisons table, the price range for this particular bottle is priced between 1.65€  (Highest) for most AuchanDrives and 1.38€ (Minimum) at Carrefour Drive (38080 – L’Ilsle d’Abeau).

With Ooshop (75008 – Paris 8) as a reference site, it is pricing the 1.5L coke bottle at 1.57€ whereas the Simplymarket located in Paris 13th is priced at 1.65€ which is a +5.1% increase.

This is the same for most  AuchanDrives such as the ones  located in 69800 – Saint Priest and 78140 – Vélizy except the ones situated in 13400 – Aubagne priced at 1.42€ with a difference of -9.55%.

At the Carrefour Drive (38080 – L’Ilsle d’Abeau), the coke bottle is priced at 1.38€ which is a -12.1% decrease compared to the reference site, Ooshop (75008 – Paris 8).

Now Let’s take a look at the average prices set in other European countries. We have drawn up a table to illustrate the assortment set in the UK and Spain:

tableau UK

tableau es

Looking at these 2 tables, it is interesting to see the pricing strategies set by each retailers as well as the selection of products available in each stores in different countries.

Not to bore you out with more stats and prices, here’s a brief recap of what’s to come for the Euro 2016:

  • The dates : 10 June – 10 July (31 days)
  • 24 Teams
  • 51 matches
  • 10 stadiums across France
  • 130 million viewers expected on average for each match or 7,650 billion for the whole competition
  • 300 million viewers expected for the final on the 10th of July
  • 2,5 million, the expected number of spectators in stadiums
  • Number of Coca-Colas sold? We will have to see!

Now don’t forget the Cokes, Taste the feeling & let’s Win!

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