Here is the heat of the summer. What’s better than a good soup to cool off?


It’s hot throughout Europe. Too hot! Waves of Sahara heat rises to the North. We must heat fresh, and the weather encourages us to be lazy at the time of cooking. No problem for dessert: ice cream is since long a summer classic, and come ready to eat.

Precisely, in recent years, cold soups already made, such as the famous gazpacho we all tested and appreciated during our holidays in this country, have popped up in shelves of Spanish supermarkets and hypermarkets. Initially, the range was limited, and the taste of canned food remained. It wasn’t grandmother’s  gazpacho, nor that I had tasted, during the last summer, in this little restaurant close to the beach. Little by little, the quality has improved, the raw material have become better, the preservatives have disappeared. Spanish grandmothers became jealous! The time had come to expand the range.


To the original gazpacho, made essentially of tomato, cucumber, green pepper and onion, other cold soups were added gradually: Vichyssoise (from French origin and made of leek and potato), salmorejo (a speciality from Cordoba, thicker than gazpacho, which essential ingredients are tomato and bread, no cucumber, no pepper, no onion), ajoblanco (essentially made of almond and bread), etc.

A brand in particular, Alvalle, now owned by the PepsiCo group, has emerged for the high quality of its products, and the total absence of dyes, preservatives, and other additive products. As the Sahara heat, the brand finally started rising to the North.


In France, the brand already offers a large range of products, present in some of the largest retailers of the country :

tableau 1 tableau 2

To put in example, 1 litre of the classical gazpacho costs between 2,60 € and 4,00 €, being 5,99 € an exception. Average price is around 3,50 €.

Those products are already a bit more in the North. Here is, for example, the range proposed in Belgium in one of the major food retailers of that country :

tableau 3

You no longer need to travel to Spain to take a cool soup in the summer.

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