IPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7

With every launch of a new iPhone by Apple, we are used in seeing the long queues that start way ahead of  the opening time of Apple stores. Well, it is not different for the new iPhone 7 in Singapore.


As expected, Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have run out of stock in many Apple Stores across the globe due to overwhelming demand, following their hyped-up launch last week. But worry no more! Anxious iPhone buyers need not look further than a new website called iStockNow that enables consumers to check which iPhone models are in stock at their local Apple Stores as well as online retail outlets across the world.


Unless you lived under a rock the past few weeks, you cannot have missed the big debate about the suppression of the minijack port. It seems it doesn’t have impacted the sales figures of the iPhone 7. According to analysts from South Korea, Apple’s sales for the iPhone 7 could reach the amount of 100 million units by the end of this year due to its initial sales going better than expected. This is a 17 to 25 percent increase from the initial expectation of 80 million to 85 million iPhone 7 units.

This may be due to the large recall of Galaxy Note 7 of the rival Samsung, due to the case of battery explosions while being charged. Some Airlines, including Singapore Airlines, have even banned passengers from switching on or charging their Note7 phones on flights. Many customers may have shifted into purchasing the iPhone 7. Another explanation may be that with the Galaxy Note 7 recall, telecommunication companies have focused their promotions on the iPhone 7, which is another factor in the increasing sales of the device.

However, even if the sales of this new iPhone is better than expected, a key indicator shows that iPhone sales has gone into decline : the search trend, as we can see in the chart below. As Business Insider Singapore explains it, on its own, it is merely cosmetic. But as people often begin their online shopping with Google, a decline in searches for iPhone could mean that fewer people want to buy the phone.


To finish, here’s a video that shows well the difference between the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy S7:

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