KARMA or Mavic Pro ?

If you are a passionate about Cameras, Action cams or even Drones, then you will know what the title of this article is about.

After experiencing a down low for a bit of time, GoPro have teased us with “KARMA”, by not entirely showing us what this product would be about, but a few aerial shots shown to the public. On September 19th, the rumours spread around the Internet were true. Not only it is a “Drone” but also an entirely new camera, the Hero 5 Black with integrated grip which could be mounted off and used as an image stabilizer called the KARMA Grip.


So what is KARMA consisted of?

  • KARMA Drone
  • KARMA Controller
  • KARMA Grip + Stabilizer

And of course all the propellers, cables, charger, manual etc…


Here are some interesting specs of KARMA:

  • Maximum Speed – 55Km/h (15m/s)
  • Maximum Distance – 3000m
  • Maximum Flight Altitude – 14500m
  • Maximum Wind Resistance – 35Km
  • Weight – 1006g

The price of KARMA is set 869.99€ in France and will be available to the public on October 23rd.

The Hero 5 Black was also introduced the same time as KARMA. It is said to be the best camera GoPro have built to date. Visually, the camera has changed from its predecessors as well as its functionalities.


What are the specs of the Hero 5 Black?

  • Camera – 12 MP stills + 4K video at 30 frames per second
  • Waterproof – The Hero 5 Black does not need a housing and can now go under water up to 10 meters
  • Voice control – You can now command your GoPro by just telling it “GoPro take photo”
  • GPS – The camera has now automatic location tracking
  • Touchscreen – This has been upgraded to a two-inch touchscreen
  • GoPro Plus – Whilst the GoPro is charging, the footage is uploaded into their new cloud

The price of the Hero 5 Black is set at €429.99 in France and is already available to the public.

DJI reputed to be the world’s leading drone make, responded on September 27th to GoPro’s keynote with the launch of a new drone, the Mavic Pro. It is said to be foldable and the most compact drone ever made.


So what is the Mavic Pro consisted of?

  • The aircraft
  • The controller
  • And of course all the propellers, cables, charger, manual etc…


Here are some interesting spec of the Mavic Pro:

  • Maximum Speed – 65Km/h
  • Flight autonomy – 27 mins
  • Camera – 4K
  • A new tap to fly option making it easier to control the drone
  • GPS tracking
  • Obstacle Avoidance so that you don’t go crashing your drone (even at someone)
  • Maximum Distance – 13km

The price of the Mavic Pro is set at 1199€ in France and is already available to the public.

So the question here is, which one would you choose?

Here is a table recapitulating all the Pros & Cons of both drones:


Looking at the table, the Mavic Pro wins all round with a much larger “Remote distance” coupled with a higher “Top Speed”, “7 more minutes” compared to KARMA and the ability to pair it with your smartphone. If you care about performance, the DJI Mavic Pro should definitely be your pick. If price is your issue and you want to get your hands on a portable drone, then KARMA would be your best option. Note that if you either have a GoPro Hero 4 Silver or Black, they will fit too! Or an economy of around 330€ compared to the Mavic Pro!

Last but not least, here are two videos by GoPro and DJI showcasing their new drones.

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