The Future of Smart Home

If you have the new iPhone 7 or if you have updated your phone to the new IOS 10, you have probably noticed that Apple has included a new app to manage the smart home goods like internet-connected doorbells, deadbolts, and window blinds. Apple has decided to follow the trend and has built a partnership with home builders to integrate its technology into new houses to boost its Home app.


As connected home is still kind of confidential, Apple and the home builders hope that it will be a win-win partnership. Home builders are gambling on the fact that Apple will make connected home mainstream, and when it will be the case, Apple will be well implanted in it, as makers of home products will release furnishings that you can operate using Apple technology. After all, if an Android phone doesn’t work with your doorbell, you might just decide to go with an iPhone.


It seems that Apple may not be wrong, as they are not the only one to bet on connect home products. The Singaporean telco Singtel is also going onboard the connected home train with its SmartHome. SmartHome is more or less the same as Google Home or Amazon Echo and wishes to be your intelligent home brain. Singtel is betting on the fact that Singapore’s high broadband and smartphone penetration will help to implement the usage of its SmartHome.


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