A new Horizon for Microsoft ?

Microsoft have really upped their game during their last keynote held on the 26th of October. With new technological innovations introduced such as allowing 3D capabilities for everyone to new product line ups.

The main star of the show was eventually their new PC, the Surface Studio.


It does look a lot familiar to somewhat the iMac from Apple, but Microsoft emphasizes that this piece of hardware is different. Their motto, “turn your desk into a Studio”. The Surface Studio is an all in one 28 inch touchscreen desktop which is only 12.5mm thick, making this the thinnest device of this segment.

The hinges of the Studio were also designed in way that the screen could be tilted down as a drawing board allowing creators to become even more creative.


It is also said to be packing  a lot of horsepower under the hood with an Intel 17 Processor and up to 32GB of RAM and 2TB of storage.

All this comes at a price with pre-orders before the Christmas season in limited quantities at $2999, only in the States.

In addition to the Surface Studio, the Surface Dial was introduced during the keynote as an input device.


The principle of this Dial is simple. It allows the user to place this on the screen of the Surface Studio which gives them the ability to select on the screen for example different colours from the palette on the newly updated Paint. Their aim is to allow users to be more productive than before without ever having to manipulate another input device and be “cut off” whilst working.

The Surface Dial will be priced at $99 and is available by this month. However the good news is, this will come for free with pre-orders made for the Surface Studio.

The introduction of these devices will put the Apple iMac into competition. With the wide variety of innovation the Surface Pro is offering, this may be the answers to all creators out there looking to change and be able to create more and in innovative ways as Microsoft showed off during their Keynote.

Putting aside the functionalities of both devices, it is surprising to see that the Surface Studio is more expensive than the top of the line 27 inch iMac at $2299. However don’t be fooled, you have the option of boosting this up online via their store where prices of the iMac can reach the $4000 mark.

Last but not least, here is a video by Microsoft showcasing the Surface Studio as well as the Surface Dial.

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