Christmas & the Chocolate season

Christmas is just 24 days away and it’s that time again where Distributors and Brands are planning to come out with the best possible products for the season.

Not only Electrical Retailers and Brands are concerned, but also actors in the FOOD sector.

We will look at chocolate the manufacturer Ferrero and see a snippet of their best selling products  and how they are positioned throughout each Click & Collect points in the Belgium market.

Talking about a bestseller, Kinder amongst the other brands of Ferrero is known to have multiple product offering. Let’s have look at what they have to offer for Xmas 2016.


With Net-Veille Systems, you are able to check the price positioning of a product sold in different Click & Collect points of the same store.


What are Christmas meals without any Ferrero Rochers on the table?  This is also another bestseller from the Ferrero family.


To go more in detail into our tool, let’s take the standard Ferrero Rocher 30 Pieces Boxed Chocolates 375g (8000500167113) and see the price difference between the same store in different geographical areas.


As you can see, we are able to highlight promoted prices in selected collection points as well as the actual price practiced by each individual store.

Moreover you can also have a look at the Price Indices generated from our tool. These graphs illustrates the common products between the reference site and each minimum price of each products in each stores monitored by us. The average price of the reference is taken as the base index 100 as you can see below.


Price-Veille allows you to have an overview on how each individual Click & Collection points of a Food Chain competes within the “Food and Beverage industry” online.

Last but not least here is an advert from Ferrero Rocher telling you that Christmas 2016 is just around the corner.


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