Christmas figures


Several studies conducted in various European countries show interesting, and sometime curious data regarding consumption during the Christmas period.

Whilst each Spaniard will spend on average 682€ during the 2016 Christmas period, the estimated total expenses are predicted to be between 570€ and 600€ in France, and will reach £796 (about 941€) in the UK.

In Spain, 248€ will be dedicated to gifts in 2016, to be compared with 350€ in France and £596 (705€) in the UK. The evolution of these spendings in Spain, the UK, and Norway since 2011 are as follows :


While the UK expenses are quite stable, and (as 67% of the Britons are thinking) not affected by the Brexit, the Spanish figures clearly show a significant decline (due to the aftermath of the crisis) from 2012 to 2016, followed by a rebound from 2015, showing that the alegría is coming back. Increase from 2015 to 2016 is 5,3%.

Children are the stars of Christmas. Spaniards will spend 154€ per child, and the French 106€.

French people will also spend 185€ for food & drink, while the British will dedicate £159 (188€).


Data regarding the shopping schedule are also known. In France, 13% of gifts are already bought in September, 65% during November, 20% “at the last minute”, and 1% too late, after Christmas. 50% of people have bought all their gifts before the end of Nobember. In the UK also, 60% of people buy “quite before Christmas” in order to make use of the discounts you can get at that time, particularly during the Black Friday and the Cyber Monday deals.

Gifts to the spouse are on average of 94€.  82€ from women to men, and 105€ from men to women. The study attributed the data to more generosity from the men, although many women would say men have more things to be forgiven for.

Average 6€ is dedicated to a small gift to the neighbours. Each Spaniards will buy, as an average, 9 gifts, dedicated to 7 different people.

3% of Spaniards and 4% of Britons won’t buy any gift. Reason given in the UK is 15% of concerned people who can’t afford it, 23% sadly having no one to give anything, and 64% not celebrating Christmas.

76% of British will buy and serve up a roast turkey !


Regarding the channel to buy gifts, 53% of the British answer they will buy online, while 43% prefer to buy in store. Among the regular internet users 75% of Italians, and “only” 55% of Swedish people will buy at least one Christmas article online.


Last data comes directly from Net-Veille Systems : Christmas beers (sugared dark beers) in Belgium are 7 times more present just before Christmas than two months before. As an example, this is the offer on Collect & Go on October 20th (one single product, present in 3 shops out of 8 shops monitored by Net-Veille Systems):6

And this is the offer on December 20th. Three products, present on nearly all shops.7

Merry Christmas !

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