Candlemas : let’s eat crepes !

Candlemas, celebrated February 2nd, that is to say 40 days after Christmas celebrates the presentation of Jesus to the Temple. It closes definitively the Christmas period. It is traditional in French speaking European countries to eat crepes (a large and thin pancake) that day.

The tradition indicates you must return the crepe by flicking it out the pan (gripped by the right hand), by a sudden flick of the wrist; whilst keeping a gold Louis in the left hand. This is a gold Louis :


As you normally won’t have that at home, you can alternatively use normal coins, like in the following picture :


You must never do as in the below picture at Candlemas. First because you can burn your fingers, then because the crepe will turn out to be ugly (as we can appreciate in the image), and overall because this is a small player behaviour.


If you are left-handed, it is assumed you can have the pan in the left hand and keep the coin in the right hand. Now extremely important: if you succeed, you will be lucky during the whole year; whilst if you fail, you will get bad luck all year long. “That’s of course scientifically proved. “

Apart from that, the crepes are to be eaten, with whatever you want, sweet or savery. One of our favourite at Net-Veille Systems is lemon juice and sugar, but you can imagine any “garniture” you want. Most popular ones are jams and Nutella (c) or something alike.

You can also use a crepe iron to make your Candlemas pancakes. But then, it is not recommended to try to make your crepe jumping out the pan by the sudden flick. Who ever tried finished with a sprained wrist. This  a crepe iron:


Because of the tradition to eat crepes at Candlemas, the number of articles present in the online shelves increased a lot lately. On a perimeter made of thirteen French website, Net-Veille registered, for the product group Wafle Irons (including Crepe Irons) 270 products and 384 on January 2nd. That increased slightly until January 6th (280 products and 405 prices). Once the Epiphany is past and the brioche is swallowed (which is another tradition and another story), the crepe irons season begins. The first Saturday after Epiphany (this year January 2nd), the number of products moved to 322, and the number of prices to 503 (respectively +15% and +24% compared with the day before !). Candles day, February 2nd, Net-Veille registers 346 products and 525 prices. These variations are nearly totally due to crepe pan products.

You will find below some examples of price wars during the period.


Generally speaking, the average price of the perimeter in that product group moved from 71 € on January 1st to 63 € February 2nd.


Don’t drop your crepes whilst flicking it and enjoy!


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