Mobile World Congress 2017

On March 2nd in the vibrant city of Barcelona, the world’s biggest phone phone ended. Two major points seems to emerge from it : the return of the “old brands” and the constant rise of “5G”. And even though Samsung did release its interesting Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab S3 and the fact that it hanged back, its Galaxy S8 did not go unoticed, mainly  with the rough pass the korean firm is going through with its battery issues.

Galaxy Tab S3.png

In the meantime, Nokia stole the show with its comeback and the new release of the reboot of its old glory the 3310.  It is not a fancy phone, and it does a lot less that the others phones do, but neither has stopped the huge amount of fascination over this new version of a phone that landed in all our pockets 17 years ago.

You get a month of battery life, but you’ll have to give up your apps and touchscreen. But you can feel the nostalgia and play the iconic Snake, which is a lot! With a selling price of $51, this feature phone seems perfectly designed for the emerging market like Africa and Asia where a huge battery life and being nearly indestructible makes a big difference.

With the release of its more high-end phones like the Nokia 3, 5, and 6, Nokia may not even remotely take its leading place as it was in 2000, but it appears to be getting some colors.

Nokia 3310.png


The other star of the show was the 5G. Everywhere you looked, companies were talking about the “transformative power” of a technology which is surprising considering the fact that is not ready yet and that it will not be available before 2020.

But what really is this fifth generation of mobile network? It is expected to boost range and speed that the current 4G and 3G couldn’t deliver. In other words, 5G will enable you to download a full HD film in less than one second, breaking the 1Gbps barrier—up to 10 times faster than the first generation of 4G services widely in use today.

Telecom companies are racing to develop the new generation and be ready for it, which is why it was one of the biggest thing this year. But despite of all the hype around it, it is still not clear if the 5G is going to deliver what it is promising.

5G evolution.png

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