Stay alerted with Net-Veille Systems

Net-Veille not only allows you to consult data on its analysing platform. You can also be alerted regarding strategic moves on the market.

For retailers, Net-Veille Systems offers a total range of solutions to adapt your prices to your competitors, from its repricing service “Reprice-Veille” to ad hoc solutions like crawling specific products, and/or importing the results in your internal systems. If you are a retailer, you may want anyway to be alerted personally if your competitor moves prices for important products.

If you are a manufacturer, on the other hand, you may need to be alerted if some retailers brake your prices, or about the moves of your competitors.

Net –Veille ‘s programmed alerts system allows to configure what you need to be alerted about and when.

Whoever you are, you will first define which articles you want to check, on which websites, and whether you need to consider prices including shipping cost or not.


If you are a retailer, you may, for example, want to be alerted if some of your competitor decreases prices by at least 1 €, or simply if your competitor is less expensive than you.  Net-Veille alerts system allows to set-up these request.

You will then indicate who (which email address) should be alerted, and which days of the week.


You will receive daily an email showing the results :


If you are a manufacturer who aims to be alerted when a retailer goes below a certain, price, you can ask Net-Veille to load the ideal prices in the system. Then you will decide in which cases you need to be alerted (when some retailers is x%  or y € below the ideal prices). In the following example, an alert is sent when a retailer as a price 20% lower than the ideal one.


Should you need to be alerted when your competitor price moves, or when a new competitor product appears in some retailers, just use the right option! You can program and schedule your alert just as you need.


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