Nintendo Switch, a new “switch” for Nintendo ?


Nintendo have introduced their new “home video games console” released on March 3rd 2017. This is the 7th console from the Nintendo Firm right after their last gen the Nintendo Wii U.

So what is new with this new switch?

The Nintendo Switch has taken the name of a “Hybrid Console” which can be used as a home console as well as a portable console via its Tablet PC look-alike feel.

How can this be a home console as well as handheld device? Well it is pretty simple, in order to play this at home in front of your large LCD TV, you simply have to connect the Switch to a “docking station” which will automatically synchronise to your television.

2.pngYou can also play with several people “away from home” by undocking the Switch from its docking station and place it vertically anywhere with its “stand” at the back. The only thing that you will need are what Nintendo calls the “Joy-Con”, which are simply wireless controllers. These can be used individually similarly to the Wii controllers.


These can also be attached to each sides of the Nintendo Switch to give it a portable console feel like the PS VITA from Sony.

4The Switch is also provided with a “Joy-Con Grip” that allows players to play the console with that “traditional controller feel “ that you get from other gamepads with the PS4 or the Xbox.


It seems like Nintendo have decided to take a different road from its traditional consoles sold in the past. Combining portability as well as home experience in one console compared to their rivals from Sony and Microsoft.

So what is it priced at? The Nintendo Switch is retailing at the price of:

  • $ 299.99 in the US
  • £ 279.99 in the UK
  • 299.00 € in France
  • 329.00 € in Spain

Has the launch been successful? Well it is said according to Nintendo and a few other sources that the Nintendo Switch if off to a “phenomenal” start.

Numbers certainly don’t lie, but we will be seeing if these rumours are to be true in the next few months.

Last but not least, here is a video by Nintendo showcasing their Switch!


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