Samsung Galaxy S8, the big test?

After numerous leaks in the last few months, Samsung finally revealed last week its new flagship smartphone. It will be available on April 21st. But this is more than just a simple release of a new version of its most famous phone : it is the first major smartphone since the massive recall of its fire-prone Note 7 and all the bad press that went with it.


The Samsung phone launch will have to prove a lot more than usual. Even if it is the biggest smartphone maker in the world, Samsung’s mobile credibility deeply decreased since the Galaxy Note 7 issue, so it now needs to reassure the customers to regain its reliability and leadership on the market. It is safe to say that with this release Samsung is facing one of its biggest challenge. The main expectation will be about the battery, of course, but also the fact that the iconic home button is no more, and its new assistant Bixby.


For the moment, it seems that Samsung partly achieved its goal as the first feedback from the press and the public are good. People love the Infinity display and the Curve that was previously on the Samsung Edge and was a great public success. But the new assistant Bixby and its dedicated button on the side raises questions. It is a very important matter for Samsung, even if Bixby will be limited in the beginning, as it is planned to expand to the IoT, controlling TVs, refrigerators and other appliances.


In conclusion, with the S8 and S8+ Samsung may have produced the smartphone it so desperately needs to regain consumer trust and market leadership, but only time will confirm it fully.

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