Latest announcements from Computex 2017

Computex 2017 just kicked off once again in the humidity of Taipei in Taiwan. It is not the most famous tech show. Unlike CES in Las Vegas, which is pretty much about the whole tech industry, or next month’s E3, which is all about gaming for three days in LA, Computex is the reference regarding PCs and peripherals. it is synonym of big announcements and shiny new gadgets from the likes of Asus, Intel, Acer, Dell, Gigabyte or Nvidia.


Last year, everything seemed to be related to virtual reality. This year, ASUS appears to be dominating it, with a simplified lineup of laptops and hybrids that continue to push the limits of light and thin laptops. It won’t be long before laptops are so thin and light that you’ll barely notice one in your bag on your commute. The new ZenBook Pro is 18.9mm thick and weighs less than 1.9kg, but includes high-end Intel CPU and Nvidia graphics. But then Asus also presented the ZenBook Flip S, which weighs 1kg and measures just 10.9mm! It makes it thinner than most rival ultra-light laptops on the market.


Samsung went the same way two days later with its own convertible, the Notebook 9 Pro completed with S Pen. It is different from the old Notebook 9 series, as this new Pro version has a 360-degree hinge, which means you can use it as a tablet or a laptop. The others remarked presentations were the ones made by Intel and Nvidia. They both unveiled their futuristic vision for processing power : the Intel Core i9 X-Series is for power users and seriously hardcore PC gamers and the Nvidia Max-Q, a design approach that major gaming laptop manufacturers will adopt for a series of Nvidia card-packed notebooks.


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