Are the “sales” real “sales” in Spain ?

Last month, we have pointed out in France that what is announced as discounted does not always correspond to a recent price decrease. What about Spain? Let’s exam one case.

Screen 1

Screen 2

Screen 3

€907 is displayed as the normal price. An analysis on the two last weeks shows that price has been attributed to that product only on February 17th 2018. That date corresponds to a Sunday. It looks like an operation to make more margin on an exclusive product, during the weekend, and the corresponding price is used afterwards as the reference price, instead of €770,95, which is the usual price.

Screen 4

That product has had €899 as normal price; but that has been one and a half month ago (until January 6th). Both €907 and €749 has been prices used in the past. Lowest historic price is €655,31, February 8th.


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