Net-Veille Systems has moved !

Faced with the acceleration of the development of SERVICEPLAN France group to which we belong, Net-Veille Systems has settled on December 1st at 9 rue du Moulin des Bruyères in Courbevoie. Net-Veille Systems is still surrounded by 220 Serviceplan employees in  various specialised entities. Serviceplan Paris (advertising agency and creative agency), Mediaplus (consultancy and media … More Net-Veille Systems has moved !

Black Week, Black Friday or Cyber Monday ?

With the intense deal selections from last week, Retailers as well as Brands had different approaches to the “Black Friday” MAYHEM. Retailers such as Amazon decided to treat its customer with a “Black Week” throughout the entire week, allowing them to have exclusive deals on a daily basis whilst other retailers decided to stick to … More Black Week, Black Friday or Cyber Monday ?

Net-Veille Systems unveils «Brands Study»!

Numerous studies are possible through this tab allowing a thorough analysis of brands. Thanks to its intuitive graphical charts, a complete and accurate view of data are provided to you, daily, weekly or monthly. The selection is simple. It allows you to work on one or multiple categories, one or more brands, one or several … More Net-Veille Systems unveils «Brands Study»!