Cdiscount? 9 999€ le jouet Lego “Cpasdiscount”

Aujourd’hui, 03 mai 2016 nous avons identifié 4 produits avec des tarifs incohérents. 2 sur Cdiscount et 2 chez Amazon. Cdiscount est un Pure Player qui commercialise des produits de différents univers tel que : l’Electroménager, l’Ameublement, le Bricolage, l’Informatique, la Téléphonie, le Textile, les Jouets, et les produits « Culture ». Le premier produit que nous avons … More Cdiscount? 9 999€ le jouet Lego “Cpasdiscount”

King of Tablets

Rivalry in the Smartphone market has always known to be between Apple and Samsung, but when it comes to Tablets, it’s a different story. Many popular brands have come up with affordable tablets in the past few years, many of them using Android but have not yet set standards with the almighty Windows & iOS. … More King of Tablets

Useful information for strategic decision making!

With the Price-Veille solution put in place since 2002, Net-Veille Systems is accessible in Europe and Asia and dedicated for players (Retailers & Manufacturers) in the e-Commerce, in all areas of their activity (Durable goods, DIY, Travel, Food, Tires, Auto Parts, Toys, …) Price-Veille collects (crawls), structures (matching) and outputs (interface, feed, graphs, synthesis,…) the … More Useful information for strategic decision making!