Drony Christmas ?!

What Drone to offer as a Christmas present? Drones have become the latest High tech gadget people want to get their hands on. Some may think these are relatively expensive, however  whatever your budget is, you will be able to find one. Before we start looking at which ones best for who, let us look … More Drony Christmas ?!

Price Wars – Episode VII – The Retailers’ Awakens

There isn’t any Christmas shopping if you haven’t bought any Star Wars related presents. After 10 years of wait, the new Star Wars movie will be hitting the cinemas this December, Episode VII – The Force Awakens. (For info, the Release date is set for the 16th of December in France for those who cannot … More Price Wars – Episode VII – The Retailers’ Awakens

Black Friday & Co.

End of the year festivities such as Christmas and New Years are approaching, more reasons to shop for your close ones and also for yourself. One event not to miss out is of course “Black Friday”. What is “Black Friday”? This is simply a day of deals that  happen every year on the last Friday … More Black Friday & Co.