Net-Veille Systems a déménagé !

Face à l’accélération du développement du groupe SERVICEPLAN France auquel nous appartenons, Net-Veille Systems s’est installé le 1er décembre au 9, rue du Moulin des Bruyères à Courbevoie. Net-Veille Systems reste toujours entouré des 220 collaborateurs Serviceplan répartis dans différentes entités spécialisées : Serviceplan Paris (agence de conseil et création publicitaire), Mediaplus (agence de conseil … More Net-Veille Systems a déménagé !

Net-Veille Systems unveils «Brands Study»!

Numerous studies are possible through this tab allowing a thorough analysis of brands. Thanks to its intuitive graphical charts, a complete and accurate view of data are provided to you, daily, weekly or monthly. The selection is simple. It allows you to work on one or multiple categories, one or more brands, one or several … More Net-Veille Systems unveils «Brands Study»!

Stay alerted with Net-Veille Systems

Net-Veille not only allows you to consult data on its analysing platform. You can also be alerted regarding strategic moves on the market. For retailers, Net-Veille Systems offers a total range of solutions to adapt your prices to your competitors, from its repricing service “Reprice-Veille” to ad hoc solutions like crawling specific products, and/or importing … More Stay alerted with Net-Veille Systems