Are the “sales” real “sales” in Spain ?

Last month, we have pointed out in France that what is announced as discounted does not always correspond to a recent price decrease. What about Spain? Let’s exam one case. €907 is displayed as the normal price. An analysis on the two last weeks shows that price has been attributed to that product only on … More Are the “sales” real “sales” in Spain ?

L’origine des soldes

Nous sommes plus d’un français sur deux à participer aux soldes. Mais connaissons-nous vraiment l’origine de cette pratique qui s’est instaurée dans notre société. Les soldes sont apparus il ya deux siècles. Son inventeur fut Simon Mannoury le fondateur du  “Petit Saint-Thomas” en 1830, qui deviendra le “Bon Marché” en 1852 puis le  “Printemps” en … More L’origine des soldes

Are the “Sales” really “Sales” ?

Do retailers really respect “Sales” or do they deliberately pad a “fake original price” and maintain their normal “selling price” which you see as discounted? Let’s have a look at the 2 cases below: Sales start date in France – 10th of January 2018 Case 1: Retailer: Product reference: LG 55SJ810V Original price: 1199€ … More Are the “Sales” really “Sales” ?