Are the “Sales” really “Sales” ?

Do retailers really respect “Sales” or do they deliberately pad a “fake original price” and maintain their normal “selling price” which you see as discounted? Let’s have a look at the 2 cases below: Sales start date in France – 10th of January 2018 Case 1: Retailer: Product reference: LG 55SJ810V Original price: 1199€ … More Are the “Sales” really “Sales” ?


Who is selling the top 10 most expensive TV sets in 7 Western Europe countries? For UK: LG – 6 points Panasonic – 2 points Sony – 2 points For Germany: Samsung – 3 points Sony – 2 points LG – 2points Loewe – 2points Panasonic – 1 point For France: European price record to … More Euro(tele)vision

Stay alerted with Net-Veille Systems

Net-Veille not only allows you to consult data on its analysing platform. You can also be alerted regarding strategic moves on the market. For retailers, Net-Veille Systems offers a total range of solutions to adapt your prices to your competitors, from its repricing service “Reprice-Veille” to ad hoc solutions like crawling specific products, and/or importing … More Stay alerted with Net-Veille Systems