Black Friday 2016

Aujourd’hui c’est le “Black Friday“! Vous le savez c’est une période à ne pas rater. Ce jour est suivi par de nombreux consommateurs qui attendent les bonnes affaires. Et cette année ils ne risquent pas d’être déçut, avec des réductions très alléchantes ne venant pas seulement des distributeurs mais aussi des marques qui jouent le jeu. … More Black Friday 2016

The Internet of Things revolution is nearly there

There is no debate about it : people are connecting to the Internet to access information, communicate with other people, and do business. Internet is everywhere and the reason multiple companies, including ours, exists. But it’s not just people that are using the Internet: objects use it too. Machine-to-machine communication is widely used in the … More The Internet of Things revolution is nearly there

“Hello Again”: le nouveau MacBook Pro d’Apple

Après la sortie du fameux IPhone 7 et du Galaxy note 7 « explosif », le combat tant attendu Apple/Samsung se fait de plus en plus discret. Mais pas le temps de souffler pour Apple, puisque lors de la sortie de son nouvel ordinateur portable le MacBook Pro, une autre guerre s’est déclenchée. En effet Apple doit … More “Hello Again”: le nouveau MacBook Pro d’Apple

Halloween : from compuction to consumption

It’s Halloween soon, a festivity originally from the British Islands, first exported to North America, the continental Europeans were watching from afar the last few years, and that is now celebrated all over Europe and in other parts of the world, and has become an economic phenomenon. However, it is initially an austere religious tradition. … More Halloween : from compuction to consumption

“Waiter, a beer !”-“Bottled or pipelined, sir ?”

Belgian brewery Halve Maan (Half Moon) from Bruges has built the first beer pipeline in history. The tube brings the precious liquid from the new factory, located outside the city, to the antic brewery, serving beers to the public in the old town.  It replaces some 500 journeys of trucks per year, and preserve the … More “Waiter, a beer !”-“Bottled or pipelined, sir ?”